I am an IT professional, who is interested in SQL Server and related technologies. I have started writing blogs to share my ideas with others and as well as to gain more knowledge from others

The opinions expressed herein are his own personal opinions and do not represent his employer’s view in any way

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  1. Subhash .B says:

    This is Subhash, trying to get a job in BO.
    Its happy to find BO site like this.

    can you share any important BO documents with me to give the interviews.
    Thanks in advance

  2. Prab Kannan says:


    Thanks for sharing your knowledge in boxi & sql server. It is very informative and helpful.

    Got a question, is it possible to download a logo in the excel report, i tried different options like adding the logo within the table, using blank cell etc. but none is working. I am using BOXI 3.1. I am not sure whether this is the limitations of the product.

    Please let me know if you know how ot bring the images within the excel download


  3. Rao says:

    We need assistance with SAP WebIntelligence project, 6 month project. But a consultant should be based in Philadelphia area, 4 days onsite. I was checking to see if you would be open to work with us on consulting basis.

    Briefly, Symphony Care specializes in providing healthcare analytics to major academic medical center, hospitals and ACO. We have a history of innovation in clinical and administration data value chain.

    Please call Rao 608-661-7604

  4. kumar says:

    Hi Dinesh share ur contact deatils i need support …..

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