Basics of Share Market

In this series “Basics of share Market”, I would like to share some of concepts that I learn

Following are the ways to learn stock market as a beginner

1. Know how to analyse the Fundamentals of a company

2. Underatand the use if technicals like indicators, charts

3. Read the newspapers daily and be up to date with the market movements

4. Read books on Indian share Market

5. Read success stories and get motivated

6. There are plenty of videos available in YouTube from different experts explaining the concepts of share Market

7. Start using apps like money control, ET now and read about the company. They give you the details of company such as fundamentals, board meetings, company quarterly results

8. Once you attain some basic knowledge on trading, you can create dummy accounts and start trading ( apps available for the same) or even do a paper trade if possible

9. After getting enough experience, You would need a demat account (can be associated to a bank, or could be a standalone entity) to perform the actual trade

10. Start with the small amount or perform a trade for smaller quantities during the learning phase

11. Apart from the cost of buying shares, there will be additional charges involved in every trade which is called brokerage.

I will update this thread whenever I learn anything related to the prerequisites

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