TSQL Challenge

On the series on SQL challenges, below is the next puzzle/challenge and the requirement is to find out the person name who has both mango and apple

Table 1: @Person contains Person Name
Table 2: @PersonFruits contains the available fruits per each person

DECLARE @Person table (UserId INT, Name VARCHAR(25))

SELECT 1, 'John Doe' union all
SELECT 2, 'Jane Doe' union all 
SELECT 3, 'Joe Blogs'

DECLARE @PersonFruit TABLE (KeywordID INT, UserID INT, Keyword NVARCHAR(35))

INSERT INTO @PersonFruit
SELECT 1,  1, 'Apple' union all     
SELECT 2,  1, 'Orange'  union all   
SELECT 3,  2, 'Mango' union all
SELECT 4,  2, 'Apple' union all
SELECT 5,  3, 'Mango' union all  
SELECT 6,  3, 'Orange' union all
SELECT 7,  4, 'PineApple' union all
SELECT 8,  4, 'Apple'

FROM @Person
		SELECT a.userid
		FROM @Person a
		INNER JOIN @PersonFruit b ON a.UserId = b.UserID
		WHERE b.Keyword IN (
		GROUP BY a.UserId
		HAVING count(DISTINCT keywordId) = 2
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